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a friend will help you hide the bodies, but a best friend will help you make them

well that was not fun at all

My car is basically fucked up beyond safe drivability. (put simply, I drive it, I die) At the earliest, it’ll be fixed on Monday, but they’re looking at Tuesday or Wednesday as my most reasonable expectations, and I don’t know what to doooooo


Basically, I don’t have the money to fix it. My mother is spotting me the money so I can get back to school and miss as few days of class as possible, but I’ll need to pay her back and it’s not looking likely that insurance will help me out. So I’m going to either 1.) whore myself out for commissions, or 2.) whore myself out. I’m going to try commissions first, so. Does anyone have any particular fandoms they’d like to see calendars for? I do things like this:

and I’d probably sell them for $7.50-10.00 each once they were made, printed on really nice glossy paper, 13 x 19 and mailed to you. =(

sigh. figure this is worth a go, at least.

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    I’d buy one!
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    Um, I’m setting up an Etsy account once I actually have more than just the fremen calendar I’ve got in that post. Until...
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    To those that watch me, Roma is an amazing artist and one of the most awesome people I know, even if you can’t buy...